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How We Do It

Our Quality Process

How do we consistently assure accurate and well-written translations? For over 40 years, we have refined and expanded our process to result in precise, localized translations. At Multilingual Communications Corporation, each of our team members has a role in our quality process. MCC ensures quality by combining the talents of our proven translators, master language editors and project managers along with translation management applications, rather than relying on machine translation.

At the core, we have bilingual translators who have earned industry-specific degrees in their native countries. These translators now reside in the United States, having acquired additional professional experience in their specialties here. This merging results in translators who have a strong comprehension of English along with the ability to translate fluently into the idiomatic expressions and nuances of their native languages. Moreover, our translators incorporate translation memory for consistency through all your different projects over time.

The translated materials then go to our master language editors who review and double check the translations to verify for accuracy, readability, usability and content clarity. Our project managers coordinate the overall process throughout to assure you timely delivery of quality final materials.