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Website Globalization

World-Class Website Translation

Foreign language versions of web pages increase both international and domestic exposure of your products and services and can result in increased sales for your company. A multilingual website allows access to potential customers who prefer interacting with you about your products and services in their native languages.

Multilingual Communications Corporation provides website translation, localization and globalization services to help you target your international customers. Your potential customers will gain confidence in your international presence and in your ability to communicate effectively with them if you have a high-quality multilingual website.

MCC begins by accurately translating your website so that your potential international customers can understand what you are offering. As a next step, we can localize your website to be country-specific to establish your business in those countries. Finally, we can globalize your website to expand your global reach.

We will work with your marketing, sales and web development teams to create international websites that result in:

  • Increased international exposure
  • Cultural recognition and appropriateness in global markets
  • Increased customer confidence in your international presence
  • Increased sales potential in targeted countries